General Course Description


(!) This course was initially scheduled to take place in class, however due to COVID-19 pandemic it will be hosted in the current e-learning platform.(!) 

Following the four (4) previous modules, which descripted the fundamentals of CUAS systems, this e-course will provide the trainee with insights concerning the ALADDIN system and its subsystems. The course consists of five (5) modules and each of them is divided in several lectures.

All training material provided for the ALADDIN platform, is available online and will be accessible for downloading until 4th of December 2020.

The recommended time for going through each module prior to taking the test is shown on the time frame below, although the student can go through the material at their own pace, based on their preferences and availability.

It therefore requires approximately 14 hours for this e-course to be completed.

An indicative time frame per module:


Study Time Frame

Module 5

1.5 hours

Module 6

1.5 hours

Module 7

Module 8

4 hours

2.5 hours


Module 9

2.5 hours

Final Test

2 hours

Following each module of the “in class” e-learning theory, a quiz consisting of a single question based on the specific module will have to be completed (in a multiple-choice form), prior to proceeding to the next module and prior to the final theoretical assessment.


In order for the course to be considered complete, following all modules of the “e-learning” and the “in class” training respectively, trainees will have to take an overall evaluation test "Final Theoretical Assessment" and successfully complete fifteen (15) questions (multiple-choice) that cover the entire training material and not only the “in-class” modules.

Each student will to complete this final test and it will be available from 19 of November 2020 onwards.  

This assessment is the final evaluation test of all the knowledge that every trainee should have acquired following the ALADDIN Platform theoretical training course.

Theoretical Training Grading system

e-learning (Modules 1-4)12 questions regarding the modules 1-4 (done)10%
"in-class" (Modules 5-9)1 question at the end of each module (5-9)15%
Final Theoretical Assessment15 questions that cover the entire training material (modules 1-9)75%


A certificate of completion is to be provided to every trainee upon completion of all modules and a successful evaluation test combination. A minimum of 70% is considered as passing grade.


In case of any further information required, please do not hesitate to contact us at: